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Dr Sundeep Varma

General Practitioner

Dr. Sundeep Varma (Dr. Sunny), stands at the intersection of science and art in the field of aesthetic and skin rejuvenation. His educational journey includes a background in Fine Art and an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Imperial College London, with a specialisation in “Damage and Repair in Biological Systems”. This unique blend of artistic sensibility and scientific acumen underpins his approach to Aesthetics and Medicine, providing a foundation for treatments that enhance natural beauty and promote skin health.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Sunny enriches the medical community as an Anatomy Lecturer at a Medical School, where he shares his extensive knowledge and passion for the human body with the next generation of medical professionals. This role as an educator not only underscores his deep understanding of human anatomy but also keeps him at the forefront of medical education and practices.

With a career marked by surgical precision and a deep-rooted understanding of the body's healing mechanisms, Dr. Sunny brings an exceptional level of expertise to his clinic. He is committed to the latest in anti-aging technologies, such as PRP, Polynucleotide injections, and Stem Cell Exosomes, ensuring his clients have access to the most advanced and effective treatments.

Clients treated by Dr Sunny can expect a personalised treatment experience that combines scientific knowledge, artistic eye and educational insights. His warm, approachable manner and dedication to excellence make the journey towards achieving aesthetic goals not only transformative but also reassuring. Welcome to a clinic where the art of care and the science of beauty converge, guided by a doctor and educator who truly understands the anatomy of beauty.

GMC: 7546449

Dr Sundeep Varma
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